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Referral Group Incorporated was established as an alternative for agents who no longer wish to be full time in real estate but would like to continue to legally earn commissions by placing qualified referrals to full time sales agents.

You can send us your agents who no longer wish to be full time agents or are considering becoming "inactive" agents. Many agents who have not been productive sales agents in full service real estate agencies can find success as referral associates.

When you sponsor agents with Referral Group Inc., they can refer their leads back to your office. What are the benefits to you, the broker? There are many benefits to your company when you sponsor an agent with us, including:

The following is needed for a licensee to join our company:

Depending on the status of the salesperson's or referral agent's license, you must also send us either:

If you have any questions or would like more information on our program and how RGI could benefit your company, please call us at 609-452-0123.