If you currently have a NJ real estate license but do not want to "actively" work in real estate, then Referral Group may be the right choice for you. When you join us you can keep your license active and earn commissions on a referral basis. There are simple steps to follow to join Referral Group and they vary slightly depending on your current license status.

In 2019 the state of NJ eliminated the Referral Agent license type and replaced it with a license type called Salesperson (Referral). Please note that wherever you see the words "Referral Agent", it is the same as "Salesperson (Referral)".

If your license is currently with another broker

If your license is currently inactive (being held at the State)*

A new Salesperson or Referral Agent license

A new broker license

To change license type (i.e. Salesperson to Referral Agent)

If you would like to check on the current status of your real estate license you can contact the NJ Real Estate Commission at 609-292-8300 or go to state.nj.us/dobi

If you would like more information on joining Referral Group, you can contact us by:

Phone: (609) 452-0123
Fax: (609) 890-7990
E-mail: referralgroup@referralgroupinc.com

Mailing Address:
Referral Group Inc.
2275 Highway 33, Suite 305
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690