Referral Group Incorporated was established as an alternative for agents who no longer wish to be full time in real estate but would like to continue to legally earn commissions by placing qualified referrals to full time sales agents.

Referral Group Incorporated is a brokerage firm that comprises almost 2000 New Jersey real estate licensees who are no longer actively representing buyers and sellers. They earn commissions by placing referrals (that result in a closed transaction) to full service real estate offices.

The process for sponsoring a member with Referral Group Incorporated is a simple one. There are no costs to you for sponsoring a licensee for membership with us. Your company can sponsor any New Jersey real estate licensee who no longer wants to be an "active" real estate salesperson.

You and your salespeople can sponsor as many licensees as you like. There are no limits. The more salespeople in your office who sponsor referral members, the more leads for your office that can result in closed transactions.

The cost for a licensee to join Referral Group Incorporated is a $100 annual membership fee and the required state fee for transferring their license to us. This fee varies depending upon the current status of the license (see licensee info). Every two years the licensee is responsible for the payment of the state license renewal fee.

If you would like more information on our program and the benefits to your office by sponsoring referral agents you can contact us by:

Telephone: (609) 452-0123
Fax: (609) 890-7990

Mailing Address:
Referral Group Incorporated
2275 Highway 33, Suite 305
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690